Exitilus was a BBS door game created by Tao Ge. It was similar to other door RPGs such as Legend of the Red Dragon and Usurper, but had many unique features that made it stand out such as back alleys where one could gain experience through visiting prostitutes, buying drugs, and hire assassins to kill your enemies. Players could be kings of their own kingdoms, or be a member of royalty in someone else's kingdom. The game's profession system was noteworthy as well, allowing players to be either fighters, hacking and slashing around; mages, dabbling in the mystic arts; thieves, sneaking around; or hermits, who were extremely slow to gain levels and experience but could eventually become the most powerful players in the game.
Unfortunately, Exitilus was notorious for having many design flaws and fatal bugs. As the sysop of my old favorite BBS, The Inferno, once said, "Exitilus is buggier than a hot day at Pal's."
Today, you can still find a few telnet-able BBSes that run Exitilus if you look hard enough.

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