Evil.com is a very peculiar website that has been around since no earlier than 1995 (when the domain was registered). I only came across it shortly after sept. 11th 2001 when it was closed, out of respect. Since then it has been restarted and now sports a daily updated commentary on recent events (usually) aswell as archives of previous commentaries and a page deemed "static" wich has fairly common pictures with odd alt text. Some of these pictures link to other pages on evil.com; one links to a "feedback page" and the other links to a more recently added page that defines what evil.com is not interested in. There is also an archive of the greatest and worst feedback in the "shouts" section.

Aside from the contents of the current site the only relevant information I can find is a page cached in google as of the time of this writeup (search for "evil empire endeavors") and the whois info for the site which gives its owner as

Evil Empire Endeavors

P.O. Box 5843

San Jose



And its administrator as

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:

Bretschneider, Ric (RB449)


Evil Empire Endeavors

P.O. Box 5843

San Jose, CA 95150-5843

+1 877-210-7670

I say at the beginning that the site is peculiar, it is peculiar because it does not present itself as evil at all, simply evil.com.

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