Evil Emperor Zurg is the primary nemisis of Buzz Lightyear and Star Command. He wears armor with a huge, fixed grin. In his Toy Story 2 action figure incarnation, he rolled smoothly on wheels. In the animated series, he moves with the same Darth Vaderish glide.

Zurg is the campiest villain to come out of Disney. Like Dr. Evil, he insists on being called "Evil Emperor Zurg", not "Zurg" or "Evil Zurg" or even "Emperor Zurg". His inevitable cry, after being foiled by Team Lightyear, is "Curse you, Buzz Lightyear!".

The extent of his Evil Empire is unknown. He employs little simpering green bugs, cyborged brains, and any evil allies he can find in his quest for galactic domination.

On two occasions he has claimed to be Buzz Lightyear's father. In the film, it is true, but in the series, it was a ploy to trick Buzz into giving him mercy after a battle with glowing crystollic fusion rods that came damned close to blatant copyright infringement.

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