Refers to an actress and model living in Los Angeles, California. A 1996 photo shoot at Reed College in Portland Oregon turned out pictures that have proven exceptionally popular with advertisers and online organizations, so much so that she was dubbed the "Everywhere Girl", by one online technology-based news blog. The name stuck, and Jennifer Chandra has embraced her new Internet Phenomenon label, creating a website and popular blog of the same name.

Getty Images owns the licensing rights to the pictures from the original shoot, and Everywhere Girl does not earn royalties from their use. Some of the places the stock images of Everywhere Girl have appeared include the BBC and CNN websites, advertisements for HP & Dell, and MSN Encarta. She is most frequently spotted in photos sporting a fuzzy blue cap over her straight orange locks.

As of January 2007, nodes about Everywhere Girl have been banned from Wikipedia, seemingly owing to a spat between certain Wikipedians and the reporter who originally publicized her oddly frequent use as a stock photo.

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