sometimes, i stare off into the sky
just to pretend that i can find answers
to questions i haven't thought of yet,
written in the clouds

it helps to clear the mind
when everything is so uncertain
and you're so indecisive
and the whispy clouds seem somewhat firm
(or at least firmer than whatever patch of soft earth you happen to be planted upon)


i caught you staring off today, in your
ever-so bashful way
and i wondered what thoughts were plaguing
your delicate mind

sometimes it's you
sometimes it's me
sometimes it's nothing at all
sometimes you just need the sky to be there for you
when everything else seems to be so far away


i never find anything more than
what i was looking for
  it's hard

and occasionally i get the feeling
that i shouldn't put
so much faith in something so thin
as the air.

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