My skin is buzzing.
It echoes a sound of impetuous bloom
It feels as if its bubbling
In warm space within a digital bath of fumes
Im filled with some stomach rumbles
Followed by diabolical laughs splashing
electric suds of thumps and dirty upright beats...

IN bunches
my love succumbs to continuous lumps
Cluttered in the front
smothered in the back with evil treble
I cant help that I jolt with hate
against all acoustic waste of profound pleasures.

Get on my Level...

I drained my pool of renders
And at the bottom my melodies escaped
for the intake Of colorful boom
Can I switch back to analog
dry myself a new tune?
I doubt that mood
no song can match my audio cannons
I am a recording too loose for the common dude
Approaching expectations of ambient doom
I relocate my position
react with ballistic measures
awaiting the invasion of attitude receptors

In Real time...I have adopted ominous noise
Nailed sharp with the drop of my hammer

In lucid depth I remain mad moist
Too intense for any radar to intercept
My concept theory is tremendously feared
when loaded in a series Of optimums jets
Unbalanced im a chemical threat well known
but shown and proved to be unchallenged.

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