Inspired by the book Beggars in Spain, by Nancy Kress...

In that book, the Sleepless (people genetically engineered not to need sleep, and super-intelligent as a result) build a fortified commune in upstate New York to live in; a place (called Sanctuary) where the Sleepless can be among each other and conduct business without being persecuted by those who are prejudiced against them--which is a substantial portion of the population.

Eventually, the fanatics among the Sleepless see not even the commune as being safe and build a space station named Sanctuary, and move all the Sleepless entirely off the planet completely.

While that is science fiction, I was suddenly struck by the thought that an Everything Sanctuary would be a very cool thing indeed. While we may not be persecuted (although to listen to JonKatz talk, we are) per se, not a day goes by where something to the effect of "Mum, Dad, I've packed my bags and I'm moving out. I'm staying at Everything2." isn't seen in a node, in the chatterbox, or in #everything.

Just take a look at the number of gatherings and get-togethers that have already occurred...and in all of them, I haven't seen ONE where anyone came back and said they didn't have a great time! How often does THAT happen in *any* sort of gathering, not to mention when people from online communities meet in meatspace?!

It's starting to happen elsewhere...the Geek Compound of Slashdot isn't exactly the same, but it's not exactly different either.

I have a feeling if someone from Everything actually had the money and the inclination to build such a commune, people would come. Slowly at first, perhaps. But they would come.

Some would come just to visit, to see what it was like and to meet the faces behind the nodes.

Some would stay for a while, perhaps on vacation or for an extended weekend.

Eventually, people might come to stay for a quiet place to work, to share ideas, or maybe even to fall in love.

And it would be good.

And yes, I know, my radical ideas about Everything2 have already occurred to others.

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