"Hver synes best om sine barn" is a short Norwegian fairy tale from Asbjørnsen and Moe's Norwegian Folk Tales (1841-1844). The orignal was found at Project Runeberg and translated to English by me for E2.


There was once a hunter in the woods; he met the dunlin.

"Oh dear, don't shoot my children!" said the dunlin.

"Which ones are your children then?" asked the hunter.

"The most beautiful children that walk the woods are mine!" said the dunlin.

"I won't shoot them, then," said the hunter.

But when he returned, he carried a whole bunch of dunlins that he had shot.

"Oh no! Why did you shoot my children!?" said the dunlin. "Were these your children?" asked the hunter - "I only shot the ugliest I could find."

"Oh yes!" answered the dunlin, "don't you know that everyone thinks the best about their own children?"


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