Since the other writeups for Evanston, Illinois seem a little negative, I thought I might share a positive view of this town.

It's true that it's fairly expensive to live there and very trendy, but as a child growing up there (until I was 8) it was a really wonderful place. There are beautiful trees along most of the residential areas (our house used to have an elm, but it was cut down after it caught Dutch Elm disease). Places I remember exploring as a child were a nearby marshy collection of trees (only I?) called Onion Swamp, where the train would rush by behind a tall fence, and a playground with a hot-as-hell metal spiral slide.

Evanston offered the Blind Faith Cafe, an excellent vegetarian restaurant, and also had a health food store, which was unusual for the time (late 70s, early 80s). The families on my block were friendly and there was a true sense of community. Every Fourth of July we would have a block party including a giant outdoor barbeque and a bike race.

Evanston may not be same as it was in my youth, but I hope that some may share at least some fond memories with me.

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