Eugenius were formed by Eugene Kelly, in glasgow, after the break up of his first band, The Vaselines. They were originally called Captain America, but after Marvel Comics asserted their copyright the name was changed. The EP released as Captain America is very rare and worthy of collection.

Eugenius released two albums, 'Oomalama' and 'Mary, Queen of Scots', both similar in style to the Vaselines, though a little more pop.

If you like Eugenius you should consider checking out The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub and the BMX Bandits, all friends (and some ex band members) from Glasgow.


  • 1992 (Album) Oomalama
  • 1992 (EP) It ain't rocket science, its Eugenius!...
  • 1994 (Album) Mary, Queen of Scots
  • 1994 (single) Caesar's Vein/Mary Queen of Scots/Green Bed
  • 1994 (single) Easter Bunny

Allmusic Biography:

"Originally called Captain America, Eugenius is the second band from the talented Scottish guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Eugene Kelly. While Eugenius trades in the spare charm of the Vaselines for a more traditional, guitar-driven power pop rush, the band is no less enjoyable; Kelly's talent for simple, unassuming pop songs hasn't disappeared and several of the band's best numbers rank with the best of his previous band. Like the Vaselines, Eugenius was helped by the support of Kurt Cobain, who had the band open for Nirvana on their 1991 tour of Europe, as well as praising Eugene Kelly in many interviews. By the time Eugenius' second record was released in 1994, the band had earned their own audience." -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine.

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