Slang terms used while playing the game of Euchre, as observed on a multi-generational level on the west side of South Bend, Indiana.

"In the barn" --used when one's team is one point away from victory, denoted by putting the score cards together backside-up.

"Milking the cow" --a ritual observed when one enters the barn, executed by having one team member hold both hands toward their partner, palms outward, fingers interlaced, and wiggling their thumbs below. The partner is then obliged to give them a ceremonious yank.

"Stay home, Jerome, I'm goin' alone" --when one partner is dealt a good loner hand, he may say this in order to let his partner know that he'll be handling this hand by himself.

"Knocking the shit off these cards" --a friendly form of table-talk, accompanied by slapping one's cards on the edge of the table. Means--of course--you've been dealt a hand of crap.

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