Acronym for Entity Relationship Diagram. Refers to any of a number of technical documents that map out the different components of a system. These can be quite formalized, with specific pictures for each entity and the lines that connect them.

Fields in which ERD's seem particularly important include:

Emergency Repair Disk for Windows NT and Windows 2000. If system files or the registry on one of these operating systems becomes corrupt, one can use the ERD to repair or restore these bad files and hopefully bring the system back up.

Erd (?), n. [OE. erd, eard, earth, land, country, AS. eard; akin to OS. ard dwelling place, OHG. art plowing, tillage, Icel. or&edh; crop, and to L. arare to plow, E. ear to plow.]

The earth.

[Prov. Eng.]


Erd shrew Zool., the common European shrew (Sorex vulgaris); the shrewmouse.


© Webster 1913.

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