"Erased, Over, Out" is the eleventh and final song on the US version of Nine Inch Nails' Further Down the Spiral (1995, Nothing/Interscope Records), a collection of remixes of material from The Downward Spiral (1994, Nothing/Interscope Records), . Versions of Further Down the Spiral released in other countries, such as the UK and Japan, have a slightly different list of songs on them, and lack this one. The UK version ends with "Self Destruction, final," a remix of "Mr. Self Destruct." The Japanese version ends with "Reptilian," a remix of "Reptile" that can also be found on the March of the Pigs (1994, Nothing/Interscope Records) EP.

The song is a remix of "Eraser" (the original version of which appears on The Downward Spiral) created by John Balance, Peter Christopherson and Drew McDowall of Coil with Danny Hyde. "Erased, Over, Out" consists primarily of a guitar riff from "Eraser" repeated throughout the song along with numerous, less obvious sounds from the original. The repeated lyrics of this remix ("erase me") have been slowed down to the point where they sound more like the engine of a TIE fighter from Star Wars than actual words. This mix is extremely similar to "Eraser (denial; realization)," another remix of "Eraser" which appears earlier on the same release mixed by the same group of people.

"erased, over, out" also makes for a good email signature.

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