Here is a side note, for those of you with a passion for useless trivia, such as I. During the first 15 seconds of this song, before the music actually starts, there is a repeated noise of a sound effect, somewhat like a single striking of a snare drum. The time between repetitions of the sound decreases until you start to hear what sounds like a person expelling a cry of either pain or exertion, then the song begins.

Sitting down randomly to watch a movie on satellite one day, I caught the middle of George Lucas's THX 1138. In one scene, the title character played by Robert Duvall is watching a television of some description, and is channel surfing, and then stops to watch a channel featuring a cop with a baton beating somebody on the ground. Lo and behold, it is the same sound described above.

Obscure reference? Coincidence? You be the judge.

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