The idea that everyone who does an equivalent job should get the same money. Formerly, women were often paid less than men holding the same job on the grounds that a man would be supporting a family and a woman wouldn't. Equal pay for equal work is U.S. law now, but some feminists point to the fact that women don't get the same jobs and so on average make less than men. See: men make more than women.

The sexual equality seems to be one of those arguments that never get resolved, and just leave the participants angry. He will say "you never see women doing rubbish collection" - She will say "You've oppressed us for millennia"

Free Advice: Never get into a sexual equality argument

Equal pay for comparable work is an interesting ideal.

Too bad it will never happen in real life. Even white males don't get paid equally for comparable work.

Case study: I do web things. PHP, PERL, HTML, JavaScript, you name it. I am a web god. I can do a nice site design, although my strength is architecture and such. I'm, to indulge my ego, a bit talented in this respect. You name it, I can probably do it, iff it's web stuff.

I make ten bucks an hour. Yeah, that's nice, but not that nice. A contractor who did what I did would make a lot more than this for doing the same work I do. Why?

Cuz I am uneducated and unreferred. I haven't gotten through high school yet, and I've not had previous jobs. So they pay me less than usual.

Not to say that I endorse paying women/minorities less than men. Just demonstrating that taking phrases out of context is silly.

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