Eponymous terms

Here are some personality traits that are named after famous people (both fictional and real), and links to those people. I've put a very short 'definition' of what these mean, but in many cases a short description will not do. If you plan on actually using these words, you had better follow the links.

Bacchanalian, Bacchanal (Bacchus) -- A happy drunkard.
Batty (Fitzherbert Batty) -- An eccentric. Not a true eponym, sadly.
Boswell (James Boswell) -- A follower, a constant companion.
Braggadocio (Braggadocchio) -- A braggart, a boaster.
Chauvinist (Nicolas Chauvin) -- Excessively patriotic (traditionally), or sexist (modern).
Comstockery (Anthony Comstock) -- Censorious.
Falstaffian (Falstaff) -- Witty, self-indulgent.
Faustian (Faust) -- Driven, often on hopeless endeavors.
Gradgrind -- Unfeeling.
Guy (Guy Fawkes) -- A male, or a stupid person.
Lolita -- A sexually precocious girl.
Machiavellian (Niccolo Machiavelli) -- Manipulative.
Micawber (Wilkins Micawber) -- Irrationally optimistic.
Pecksniffian (Pecksniff) -- hypocritically affecting benevolence or high moral principles.
Pickwickian (Pickwick) -- Dotty, kind, simple.
Pollyanna -- Always optimistic.
Scaramouch (Tiberio "Scaramouch" Fiurelli) -- Buffoon.
Svengalian (Svengali) -- Evil.

Parked here until I find a better place;

Rubenesque (Peter Paul Rubens) -- Full-figured.

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