This was the original name of Walt Disney's Epcot theme park. It was meant to be a center of cultural and technological activity located on the Walt Disney World property. It was Disney's plan for a utopian society, to be surrounded by residences for international students and researchers.

The technological center is named "Future World" and in Disney's original plan would host students from universities all over the world to research new technologies in general fields of Energy, Transportation, Entertainment, Agriculture, Communications, etc... Disney's goal was to be several years ahead of all research in these fields.

While these students were there doing research, they could also share their culture with the visitors; this became the section of the theme park known as "World Showcase".

The actual park was built after Disney passed away, so only a rough resemblence to the original plan was actually built.

The name of the existing theme park has been changed *many* times, as they have had a hard time defining the "theme" of the park, since it sort of went astray of the original design. For a little while, they were naming the park after the year (Epcot '97, Epcot '98), but I think recently they have just settled on "Epcot" (capitalized as a proper noun, not an acronym).

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