Trademarked name for a packing material resembling foam peanuts, but actually made of cornstarch. Unlike foam peanuts, they're biodegradable and can even dissolve in water, thus allowing for disposal down the sink or the toilet in small quantities. (Large quantities will result in a clog.)

Popular several years ago, I haven't seen these things used in quite some time now. I imagine that since it's edible, rodents would get into the stocks.

Yes, I said edible, though I'd advise against eating a great number of the things unless your life is at stake. But one or two won't kill you or even do you any great harm, leading for much humour potential at the expense of those ignorant of their composition. (The taste and texture are very much like communion wafers.) When something packed in this stuff would come into the office, I'd sometimes walk down the hall with the box in hand and pop a "peanut" into my mouth whenever I passed someone else's door. Or I'd wait till someone came to see me for something and point at the box, offering, "Want a foam peanut?" -- and when they'd politely decline, I'd say that they're good if you try 'em and promptly eat a couple.

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