Around the edge of summer again
from one end to another
and back

Expanding the perimeter,
while slowly losing its depth
from the epicenter

There are words which have two literal meanings
and then there are words with one definition and
another contextual, connotative, or idiomatic meaning
But committed is a word that can mean only one thing
So is gone


Sweep the leaves off the porch
Sweep the driveway of the oil stains
the cracks in the foundation and all that it's seen
Even if there is no way

Even if you "have" your freedom,
you must constantly re-evaluate your independence
Your autonomy
Your responsibility

The foreground and the background will continue to blend together
until you have a change of perspective
But when active paranoia seeps
into cultural normativity,
a word like "changes" holds more meanings than anyone could know



Around the edge of loss, again
And again, and again

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