The Empress of China
Empress tree
Princess tree
Royal Paulownia
Paulownia tomentosa of Family Scrophulariaceae

The Empress of China is an exotic ornamental flowering tree, growing to 30-60 ft tall. In spring it produces a stunning display of bell-shaped lavender-coloured flowers that erupt like fountains from bare branchesAfter the showy blossoms fade, its broad heart-shaped leaves provide maximum shade throughout the summer. In China and Japan, the Empress is cultivated for timber and for medicinal uses, as well as for its unparalleled beauty.

A fast-growing deciduous tree native to Central and Western China, the Empress of China has naturalized in the Eastern and Southern United States, where it is identified as an aggressive invader. It quickly adapts to damaged habitats, such as burned or defoliated areas and competes with rare natives.

If Baba Wawa asked me, if I weah a twee, what kind of twee would I be, my answer is without hesitation: the Empress of China.

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