The green dress was tattered on the ends, she loved it anyway. That was the good thing about Elisa was that she cared for things despite how broken they were. One day she took care of me, I didn't know it at the time but she did it from the first moment we met.

I was lying on the beach, relaxing with my family. Paul, my dad was walking our dog across the beach, I could barely see him as he walked into the distance. A girl came crashing into me, her feet flew into the air throwing sand everywhere.

“Ben, your Paul's son right? My dad works with your dad” She smiled at me with her dark brown eyes. She laid sprawled across the sand in her green dress. I looked back at her and nodded politely whilst brushing sand off of my body. Elisa was really thin and shorter then the average person. They called her gypsy girl because no matter what she wore with her thick curly black hair, she looked like she was from another time.

“You know, your at the beach you should be having some fun” She grabbed my hand and attempted to pull me off of my blanket. “You're being such a dud on a beautiful day such as this. You got to get out there.”

“Not everything is about cheap thrills” I said putting my sunglasses back on. She flipped a cigarette out from the top ridge of her ear and lit a match. The smoke fizzled out as she puffed on it.

“I'm living down at Port Stephens with the rest of my family. Where are you at?” She was still smiling despite my lack of enthusiasm.

“I live just down the road from here” I said watching her playing with her green dress, pulling at the fraying ends in no attempt to make it neater.“Why do you wear that shabby ugly thing?”

“I wear it because I like it of course.” She puffed a ring of smoke into the air. ”It's an art you know. Don't you wear things because you like them?” I wasn't sure if that was a statement or a question. “I found it in a store with Drew my bird” She picked up some sand and threw it back at me “He flew right over to it, I think he thought it was a tree. So I bought it, I've been using it ever since. Drew died a year ago though” She said flicking the cigarette onto the sand. She laid down next to me, partially on my towel.

“You've got to stop smoking you know.” I said looking at the sky

“Well I've got to die from something” She said turning her head to look at me. I leaned my face into hers and kissed her, Elisa kissed me back just as hard with her soft lips. I found myself attracted to her, she was different from everyone else.

"Why cigarettes?" I asked her.

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