Wife of Franklin Sherman and mother of Jay Sherman and Margo Sherman on the ABC/FOX TV show The Critic.

A former debutante, Eleanor Wigglesworth met future-husband Franklin at her Debutante Ball. The two hit it off immediately and were married soon after. Franklin became governnor of New York and Eleanor enjoyed a life of luxury and fame as the state's First Lady.

After Franklin became mentally interesting and eccentric (either the result of a stroke or excessive drinking; Eleanor has implied both) the couple moved into their luxurious mansion and adopted their first child, Jay Sherman.

As a mother Eleanor was somewhat subpar. She refused to breastfeed her son ("Feed him with my what? I don't even know this person!") and often embarassed him in front of his friends. In 1976 she and Franklin intended to send Jay to summer camp, but accidentally put him on the bus to Attica prison and neglected to come and get him.

During Jay's teenage years Eleanor often interrupted his dates with reminders to put on his dental headgear, zit cream, and lazy eye patch. Obviously, young Jay had a limited social life.

Eleanor gave birth to daughter Margo Sherman sometime in 1980. Margo was obviously the favorite child and received better treatment than Jay growing up. Jay blamed his mother for this preferential treatment throughout his adult life, up until the point Eleanor had a heart attack after Jay told her she was a terrible mother. The two soon reconciled soon afterward.

Eleanor wrote a series of childrens' books starring The Fat Little Pig, a character modeled after Jay. The pig wore the same sweater as Jay and had many of Jay's catchphrases. Eleanor killed off the pig after she realized how it's existance was hurting Jay both personally and professionally.

In 1995 Eleanor and Franklin were standed on a desert island following a plane crash. Surprisingly, the two had the best vacation of their lives on the island, living in a bamboo country club that Franklin built. They were rescued from the island by Jay after he learned of their position.

Eleanor was last seen at home watching television with Franklin.

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