The son of Jay and Ardith Sherman on the TV show The Critic. Born sometime in the mid 1980s, Martin (who goes by 'Marty') is very much his father's son. They share the same likeness for sweets, are both overweight, and are both somewhat society outcasts. Marty's sole talent is being able to draw faces on his stomach and then "animate" them by rolling his fat around, which won him accolades at the school talent show. Marty is a student at the UN school, under the guidance of Principal Mangasoothoo. He was elected class president by running as "Just An Ordinary Kid", a slogan that won the support of many of his friends of different cultures, including Mexico, South Africa, Easter Island, and Klingon.

At one point Jay and Marty enrolled together at a father/son "fat camp" (as Marty called it). Marty lost a lot of weight and trimmed up, but had an ice cream attack after returning from camp and gained all the weight back, thus leading him to break the school's main support beam in a performance of Peter Pan that turned disastrous. Marty's first date was with a Cuban girl, but when the date soured he followed her back to Cuba for a second chance. After stowing away on an airplane he was nearly shot upon arriving on the island, but the girl and her Uncle Fidel arranged for him to be a guest of the country and even ride in the lead car in the Anti-Independence Day Parade.

In later years Marty became friends with Alice Tompkins' daughter Penny. He was last seen in the audience at the Coming Attractions tenth anniversary special.

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