A group of highly advanced and long-lived extraterrestrials who appear in the comics published by Marvel Comics.

Soon after the Big Bang, a number of galaxies and solar systems formed on which life evolved. These races made huge gains in the areas of technology and knowledge. The beings that became known as the Elders of the Universe are members of these early civilizations who have achieved for themselves a near infinite life span in a variety of ways and the technology that allowed them to leave their homeworld. The Elders are the last survivors of not only their race, but also of their galaxies.

Over their vast lifespans, each of the Elders have dedicated themselves to a particular pursuit, becoming an expert in that field or discipline. This expertise often times becomes interchangable with their identities, as the Elders become known by these names. Because of the similarities in their backgrounds, the Elders have taken to considering each other kindred, sometimes referring to each other as "brother," though no actual blood relation exists between them.

The Elders have become involved in the affairs of humanity and the cosmos of recent years, both individually and collectively. One of the Elders known as the Collector believed that the threat of the future being Korvac would cause a cosmic disaster and began to kidnap members of the Avengers to protect him from this threat. Korvac ultimately killed the Collector, showing that the Elders, though extremely old are not immortal.

Later, another Elder, the Grandmaster kidnapped all the heroes of Earth and held a contest of champions against Death in hopes of having the Collector returned to life. The Grandmaster won only to discover that a life force was needed for the resurrection and sacrificed himself.

Other members of the Elders have come into conflict with others of Earth's heroes. The Gardener has clashed with the Incredible Hulk, the Contemplator with Captain America, and the Champion challenged all of the heroes with super-strength to an unarmed battle to determine who was the greatest. He was ultimately defeated by the Thing.

More recently, the Elders of the Universe have been denied death by the incarnation of Death, which they believed to be a beneficial situation. They then decided to destroy the world-eater Galactus in a plot to destroy the universe and bring about a new Big Bang so that they would be able to control all reality. They met defeat at the hands of the Silver Surfer, with help from Galactus's then Herald Nova and the Fantastic Four.

All of the known Elders of the Universe are:

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