A Paris-based worldbeat/fusion electronica ensemble.

Ekova's unique musical style is almost beyond description, an amalgam of acoustics and electronica seamlessly blended into incredibly deep soundscapes, both bizarre and breathtaking.

The band itself is as diverse as their music. Though the trio came together in France, none of the three were actually born there. The lead singer, Dierdre Dubois-Haddab, is an American, raised in NoCal. Her husband, Mehdi Haddab, who plays -- among a variety of stringed instruments -- the Arabic oud, is Algerian. Filling out the group is the skilled percussionist Arach Khalatbari, an Iranian refugee from Tehran.

To date, Ekova has released three albums, all excellent and all with Six Degrees Records: Heaven's Dust, Soft Breeze & Tsunami Breaks, and Space Lullabies And Other Fantasmagore.

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