Eightball is the spring from which flows the genius of Dan Clowes. Most famously, the Ghost World stories first appeared in Eightball, before being combined into a graphic novel. Clowes' other triumphant Eightball characters include the Rat Pack wannabe private eye Lloyd Llewellyn and ass aficianado David Boring. The comic is published by Fantagraphics.

Underground comics are a dime a dozen, and any asshole with access to a Kinko's and a charge account can make one. Eightball is better than all that shit - even, in some respects, better than the more well known names. Clowes has more depth than Robert Crumb when he's deep, and more wit than the Hernandez brothers when he's funny. The serious stories are what Optic Nerve would be with better plots and without modelling its characters on the cast of MTV's Undressed. The art can be a thousand shades between dreary and silly, though it's all the same hand.

It's one of the best underground comics currently being produced, and you'd do well to find yourself an issue.
Espresso Eightball

You will Need:
1. Freshly ground coffee beans. (Espresso grind: Number 7 at Atomic Coffee).
2. Espresso machine. (Breville 4 cup)
3. Milk (Soy or cow: Vitasoy Vanilla/Original)
4. Beaker (Goes with 2: For frothing milk)
5. (Coffee sugar) (Larger crystals than raw sugar)
6. Water (Save some for afterwards)
7. Commuter mug

Directions: Brew for four cups. Pour approx 1/2 tbsp sugar into the mug. Pour espresso - should be straight off the machine. Stir. Pour milk into beaker - start with one quarter. Froth milk until beaker is 70% full. Pour over espresso. Fill mug with milk if nescessary. Stir.

I call this an eightball because it is four double shots of espresso. Definately make this at home because even if you can explain it to a barista it's probably going to cost you $8. Have a drink of water immediately afterwards: you may wish to brush your teeth.

See also: Singularity Coffee
Milk Plus Vellocet

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