(Hinduism: Vaishnavism)

When observing completely strictly, practitioners of the Gaudiya Vaishnava sampradaya within Hinduism worship the Deity eight times per day. These eight times, on a more esoteric level, correlate directly to the eightfold division of each day in the pastimes of the Lord (or ashta-kaliya-lila). A list of the aratis, or arotiks follows:

  1. Mangala arati - the Deities of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna are awakened from Their transcendetal sleep, usually at about 04:00 A.M., and they are offered various items for Their pleasure. It is considered mangala, or particularly auspicious for all who participate. The Deities appear in Their night-dress, with very simple ornaments. The devotees sing beautiful prayers glorifying the spiritual master, the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, and then prayers to Lord Nrisimhadeva (the Nrisimha Pranama, q.v.). For more information, see the description of mangala arati, itself;

  2. Sringar arati - Krishna is fully and elaborately dressed for His day's activites, as is Srimate Radharani. They are offered a morning snack as well;

  3. Raja Bhoga arati ("King's Feast") - This arati follows the noon offering a large meal to the Deities. It lasts for about 20 minutes. The Deities are then prepared to take a short nap;

  4. Utthapana arati - They are awakened from Their nap in order to continue with Their daily activites;

  5. Sandhya arati - During a specific twilight hour, the Deities return home--Krishna from grazing His cows and Radharani from Her activity--to rest from an active day. The early-evening offering of bhoga to the Deities is followed by sandhya-arati, also known as Gaura-arati. The devotees sing Sri Gaura-arati--a joyful song glorifying Lord Caitanya and His associates. This arati also lasts for about 20 minutes;

  6. Vyalu Bhoga arati - At this time, the Deities are served Their large evening meal;

  7. Shayan arati - The last offering takes place between 9:00 and 10:30 P.M., and the devotees can see the Deities for the last time of the day before the altar doors close. It is comparatively short (5-7 mins.). At this time the Deities are dressed for bed and They retire for the evening;

  8. Rasa-lila - After the Deities take rest, They should not be distrurbed, for at this time they sneak out to enjoy Their transcendental rasa dance (rasa-lila), only to return in the early morning hours just before mangala arati.
(See also: arati, ashta-kaliya-lila, bhoga, prasadam)

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