Eelai is a character in the popular manga, 'Battle Angel Alita'. She is a sexy dominatrix who works as Desty Nova's assistant, appearing in the graphic novels, 'Angel of Redemption', and 'Angel's Ascension'. She is a human, and likes her men to be of flesh. Her philosophy is 'Flesh is everything!' Not much is known about her, where she came from, etc. She is fitted with nano-bots, as well as Nova and Bazarld, so she will be brought back to life whenever she is killed. She likes to take reformation baths, which is a sort of bath that basically reforms you, strips you of all your flesh and blood, until you are bone, and forms you back into a full human. It acts as a rejuventation machine. Alita kills her a couple of times, but she always comes back to life, except for the last time.

Her sadistic nature makes her perfect as bodyguard. It seems that Eelai does not know any martial arts apart from some throw and break techniques. Therefore she uses a "High pressure water converter" which she utilizes with deadly accuracy and technique.

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