To feel edgy is to be nervous, on edge, or tense. It may imply movement, i.e., that you are jittery, jumpy, restless, or skittish.

A slang term (or perhaps a buzz-word) meaning daring, provocative, or trend-setting. Probably comes from 'on the cutting edge'. Often used to describe art.

In the UK, and perhaps other places, edgy means not safe, subversive, challenging, or unsettling.

In the UK/Scotland, it is a verb meaning "run!" 'To keep edgy' is to keep lookout; the lookout will yell "edgy" if there is any trouble.

On a sound track, especially a piece of music, 'edgy' means it has too many high frequencies, giving it a trebly sound. It might also refer to a sound with harmonics which are too strong relative to the fundamentals, resulting in distortion or a raspy sound.

You may also be looking for Edgie (AKA Ejji), a derogatory term referring to a poor person.

Edg"y (?), a. [From Edge.]


Easily irritated; sharp; as, an edgy temper.

2. Fine Arts

Having some of the forms, such as drapery or the like, too sharply defined.

"An edgy style of sculpture."



© Webster 1913.

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