Ed's World is a series of jokes on The Brunching Shuttlecocks revolving around Ed, the only smart man in the world. They usually have Ed say something that may be true but contrary to what the person he's saying it to would respect, but since Ed is the only smart man in the world they just agree with him.

Here is one with Ed dealing with the IRS.

Ed was the only smart man in the world.

One year he was called in for a tax audit.

"Our records show that you owe over twenty thousand dollars in back taxes," said the auditor.

"You must be mistaken. My records indicate you actually owe me twelve bucks and a cup of coffee," replied Ed.

"Oh. Is decaf okay?"

And here is another one about his stint in politics.

Ed was the only smart man in the world.

Once he was elected mayor on the strength of his campaign slogan, "Vote for Ed or He'll Lose."

His opponent's slogan was "Can't Argue With That."

Ed's World is just one more sign of the genius of Lore Fitzgerald Sjöberg that the brunching.com domain is full of.

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