Now-defunct restaurant, formerly located on Echo Dr. in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

It used to serve fusion style dishes. I can't say that I'm a big fan of this supposedly fancy stuff but I have some idiot friends who like the high life. Anyway, it was because of one of these idiot friends that I regretfully ended up going to this place once.

It was a nice enough place and the service was good. However, what really got to me was the menu. The place did not have a standard menu...rather, it had a fresh menu every day with a small selection of table d'hôte. Sounds good...problem is that the dishes were pretty bizarre. Québec Ostrich and Meditteranean Caribou were a couple of memorable ones. I mean, where the hell are you going to find an ostrich in Québec? The zoo? And caribou in the Meditteranean? Not unless they flew one from Canada to Lebanon and slaughtered it there.

I started snickering as I made the waitress repeat the dishes three times. The girl sitting next to me gave me a cold glare and told me to stop laughing at such a fancy place.

Now the place is closed...I guess they couldn't find any more ostriches in Chicoutimi.

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