Just start with the one furthest from the plate and work your way in after each course. And if all else fails and you're really not sure, just look at what the host or hostess is doing. Finally, as a catch all, you can always swallow your pride and simply ask your neighbor.

Though be warned: on the Continent they tend to place their spreads from the inside outwards, so you may get it wrong by following the above suggestion. The best way is to glance discreetly at someone reliable to see which knife/fork/spoon they are using.

Another reminder is that the word cutlery only applies to knives, not forks or spoons, so if someone comments on the cutlery, they should, depending on how well-informed they are, only mean the knives.


  • If you're immediately going to exec*(), with no system call in between, you can use vfork().
  • If you plan to run something which might do a system call (this includes *printf(), of course), use fork().
  • In particular, if you're not exec*()ing, use fork().
  • If you're at all unsure, use fork().

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