This is the tarot version of the quickie.

Either you or who you are reading for is to choose five cards. The first is the Person Card, the second is the Recent Past, third, the Present, fourth, the Near Future, and the last is the Underlying Reason. Read them in this order.

The 'Person Card' is the card that embodies the person the layout is for. It has their personality traits, quirks, what they can learn to expect of themselves during this phase in their life.

The 'Recent Past' encompasses the last year and a half, so this points out where the person is coming from, what they have accomplished and what they have overcome.

The 'Present' is as it sounds. It has a halflife of one week, so it is very immediate. Whatever is on the person's mind with show forth in this card. Address it as being passing.

The 'Near Future' tells of where the person is going and what the outcome of the present is. This card is the true divination card, build up it's importance.

The final card, the 'Underlying Reason', tells of whether the person has put themselves in this position or whether it is merely outside influences that are coming into play.

Having said all that, happy reading.

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