Sometimes I'm telling my non-Vegas friends what's going on and I mention that my poker dealing friend EOed which is meant to explain that we will be able to do something when he'd normally be working. All it ends up doing is confusing people and they ask, "EO?"

Early Out applies to blackjack dealers as well, although we don't seem to get out of work quite as easily, from my own experience. EOing simply involves signing the EO list, and as business slows and they don't need as many people as they scheduled (they always schedule enough in case it IS busy) they can send the people home who want to go.

EO is not the same thing as a Force Out which is where they make you go home before your 8 hour shift is up. I also hear this happens in baseball, but I know nothing about that. I got forced out last night, as did all the other people scheduled 10-6. I don't think any of us were happy about it. Maybe I'll talk to the guy that does the scheduling and explain how I'm obsessed with efficiency and I'd always rather work longer shifts. I love the idea of four 10 hour shifts a week. A friend of mine used to work the weekend 6 pm to 6 am for three days and get paid for 40 hours. 36 and get paid 40? Sounds awesome to me. Who cares if I don't get a weekend with the rest of the world? I hate going out when it's busy anyway.

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