When humans first arrived on Earth, they showed they were here to stay. They were far more intelligent and quick witted then any other life form on the planet at the time.

Earth has been around for about 4000 million years.
More than 3000 million years ago, very primitive life forms appeared on the face of the Earth. Yet only fully evolved humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) have been on Earth for 100,000 years.

The first humans came out of Africa, and some believe Asia too.
Soon the first humans spread all across planet Earth. They migrated to such places as; South East Asia, Australia, and eventually reached New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
The only place these humans failed to inhabit was Antarctica, the journey far to hard for obvious reasons.

The early humans around 100,000 - 2500 BC fought for survival in this harsh and dangerous climate.
They invented the spear, which they could use to stab or throw at their prey. Early humans invented the harpoon, and the bow and arrow. They used these weapons to hunt for meat to keep them alive.

While the men were out hunting for meat, the women gathered foods such as berries, nuts and roots.

These early humans soon found rubbing two sticks together made a fire, of which to cook their food on.
Not to long afterwards they discovered striking two rocks together, was a faster and more effective way to light a fire.

The early human hunters soon turned into farmers. The first farmers were in the Middle East, living near a fresh and fertile river. They built houses out of, mud and reeds, and joined together to build a small village. They began to herd cattle and farm the land around them. They soon discovered trading.
These farmers began to trade the products their farm animals produced for essential goods.

Soon Earth came to be the way it is today. Polluted, greedy, and well…….. ruined.

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