The highest project that an Eagle Scout has to complete in order to gain the nationally honored rank. Many of them are noteworthy and take on huge amount of press, but many are just random acts of kindness that are well planned and executed. They range from helping homeless shelthers, to environmental cleanup, to helping the needy, or taking action in an emergency. Usually there is a large amount of respect between eagle scouts for each other. The project is what seals it all together, and really brings a person to use everything that the Boy Scouts are supposed to teach you. 2% of all scouts attain this honor, and its mainly because they do not have the fortitude or the gumption to put together a project.

Mine was this: I solicted computer donations from a local high school to make a network of older Macintosh computers. Then i taught them how to design a web page for their school. The design process took several months, and the 7th and 8th graders really enjoyed working with some of the cooler new web stuff out there. This was a few years ago. The page is still up today, hosted by, albeit needing maintenence, and people still occasionally visit it. It took me months and months to really hash together what i wanted to do. The midi file on the page what produced by my mother, and she liked it so much that i HAD to keep it on there. You know how they are.

All in all, eagle projects are one of the coolest, most worthwhile opportunities in scouting, and id suggest putting the effort into completing one. And if you find an eagle scout, always ask him what his project is. I can gaurentee you every single one remembers, and they all have some neat story attached to them...

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