one of the original Siamese twins, the other being Chang...

also, an abbreviation for Engineer or Engineering...manifestations of which might be:

Naval slang for the ship's Engineer. Spelled 'Eng', pronounced 'Enj'.

Electronic News Gathering.

A term used to describe a variety of television news reporting and also the professional video cameras which are used by the crew doing ENG.

ENG (compare to EFP) consists of recording incidents, interviews and b-roll footage and then returning to the studio for editing and broadcast. Most pre-prepared segments on television news consist of ENG material edited in the station. "Channel X investigates daycare|restaurants|insurance companies|auto mechanics" expose-everything reports are a good example of ENG work.

Accordingly, ENG cameras are designed with gathering in mind. They typically have on-board light and sound meters, white balancing, and a variety of audio inputs and status indicators plus a dock where various tape decks can be "mated" to the camera (for Beta, DV, etc.). These cameras do not have editing capabilities. Most video cameras in use by news crews nowadays are actually EFP.

Eng is letter in the IPA (a voiced velar nasal) that is represneted in many languages as Ng,ng or a letter looking similar to and 'n', with a descender on the right, the latter particualrly in the majority of African languages.

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