Electronic Field Production.

A term used to describe a variety of television news reporting and also the professional video cameras which are used by the crew doing EFP.

EFP (compare to ENG) consists of recording incidents, interviews and b-roll footage and then editing the material in-camera (or with field editing equipment, usually in the "van" which accompanies the crew). The footage can be transmitted to the television station and broadcast as it is being produced or live if necessary. EFP work typically requires a larger crew than ENG, as a producer and editor are often needed on the scene of the news gathering.

Accordingly, EFP cameras are designed with production in mind. These cameras are typically much more complicated than their ENG counterparts, with additional editing and production features. Most high-end professional cameras available today are EFP and include the ability to perform complicated edits like insertions, sometimes without the aid of an editing controller or personal computer.

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