A video game of the side-scrolling fighter variety. It's published by Sega. Esentially, you are part of a squad of commandoes sent aboard a cruise ship that has been hijacked. The user interface is mostly a bunch of Tekken-style fighting intermingled with firing weapons as you run through a 3 dimensional world that looks reminiscent of Virtua Cop.

I haven't actually played this game, yet, though. It just caught my attention as I was waiting for my food at a fast food joint just now. You know those trailers that video games run on their screens when they're idle, explaining the plot and trying to entice you to give them a few quarters? Well, this one looks like it has a bug in it.

It consists of a montage of screenshots with some subtitles fading in and out to describe the premise of the game. It goes sort of like this (I'm paraphrasing):

    "Terrorists have taken over a cruise ship!"
    "It has many very important persons aboard."
    "Especially, the president's daughter!"
    "We must infiltrate the entire ship."
    "Especially, the president's daughter!"

I'm guessing that some programmer just made a mistake about repeating that one last message at an inappropriate time. But I plan to play the game soon, so that I can figure it out. Hey, it might have some extra special boss level; I dunno.

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