It's everywhere.

The Dynamic Ribbon Device is Coca-Cola's name for the undulating swathe of (usually) white that lives beneath the Coca-Cola logo / brand name on practically every piece of Coke-branded anything produced since 1969. Similar to the Swoosh (in that it's an ambiguous, trademarked geometric design that says nothing about the product at all outside of its association with said product) the Dynamic Ribbon Device actually predates the Swoosh by three years or so; I'm assuming Nike liked the concept and took the intervening years to pick a name that didn't suck.

The trademark has gone through some changes over the years - some versions of it intersect the brand name itself, some stay resolutely out of its way and some recent versions employ brightly colored highlights along its edges. The folded ribbon design implies energy (particularly in video spots where the ribbon actually moves; hence 'Dynamic'), carefree movement through space.


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