I'd like to say hello. My name is Gerard I am basically sharing a dream I recently had regarding 'then end of our world'. I had two dreams within the past month of todays date 6/4/07 that were 'world ending' in nature but I will share latest dream here as it is more vivid to my remembering it. I hope some people can remark on it, advise on it, or just comment on it. Thank you and since I made a Journal entry on my computer I will simply cut and paste it here.

I just woke up and I had the most godaweful dream. I am awake now just a few minutes fresh from what I feel was a prophetic-like dream and I have had more than this one. It was about the end of the world.

To say ‘destruction ‘ could describe the wrath of God’s presence in my dream. I can say that from the dream, God is mad and His decision to end the human race is non-negotiable! The tone of the dream was purely ‘end all’.

I was in an area with some people, I can’ say that I knew them personally (in the dream), however the place I was in people there were bracing for a big storm and when the storm began to define itself as very, very destructful, the people around me began to show signs of concern and consequently moved to lower ground. I, myself moved to what appeared to be a big basement with others who were around me. The basement I entered into had windows all around and the place seemed to be ‘oval’ I say this because the windows were round I could see the structure of the windows as curving in a circular pattern. (when I awoke, I thought of the White House immediately).

"A thing I personally find in my dreams that needs to be mentioned is what I will call 'dream flavor', what i mean by this and only because I am a frequent dreamer is that two identical dreams can have two completely different flavors, or tones, or emotional experiences. The dream flavor I had in this 'end of the world' dream was one of "people bracing for something unusual, perhaps there was a weather analysis of a storm forming that was never before seen. People in this dream were clearly worried and concerned and my own feeling was one of impending doom, being afraid, and feeling vulnerable and insecure about my soon to be judgement day. I want to mention Wind and Lightning because both were present and Wind was fast becoming so strong that within a minute leaves on trees were blowing and suddenly when it felt like Gods Wrath was setting in, I could see from a window a telephone poll down, a car flying overhead and a Power was here on earth that hadn't ever been here before"

There was a table, people were sitting at, I too sat at this table. I raised my hand after looking out the window and seeing cars flying, brighter flashes of lightning and now a car had flew just above a window and the bumper of the car hit the frame of the window, yet somehow the glass didn’t burst, but it was just a matter of time and God was present, God was near but as a human being still alive, you know that death is near too and as the Bible says we never know if we are fit to be called God’s people and as we sit at this table and the world is being destroyed this basement that prolongs life perhaps a bit longer does nothing for the feeling of knowing God is doing something.

It was real, I was witnessing the end of the world. As I said, I raised my hand over chatter, loud chatter.. All looked at me, and I said somewhat calmly “excuse me I think this is the end of the world”, all the while in awe of the power of wind, the power of God.

Then I awoke.

Ps- A dream is something we all have, but I have to say that certain dreams of mine do have an overtone, an emotion that when you awake you know, means something.

A message.

If I have a message for this world, from this dream that I just woke from several minutes ago while it is all fresh in my mind…. It would be that ‘God is coming with wind, lightning and in two dreams I’ve had there has been ‘no rain’ during these storms so that visibility is very clear.

It would be that ‘destruction is coming with wind, with lightning, and that we will know that what is happening is not ‘weather’ but soon it will be felt and realized to be something more, I felt it to be God, personally or perhaps that God’s plan to end Earth had reached this day of destruction, it was as if the Wind were brushing off/away all humanly possessions and constructions- and you felt that the job was being done very efficiently. I hope there is something that can come out of this but I do doubt anything will change the course of what God’s plan is. As far as me being grandiose or in any way believing that I am special, I'd like to say that I am anything but either of those two things. I am as regular a guy as any other. Gerard 5/29/07

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