The smallest unit in the study of interaction in sociology. Without interaction (and the roles and statuses that come with them)there really is no society to study.

This is a little obvious, I realize, but is emphasized so often in sociology textbooks that it needed noding.

Dy"ad (?), n. [L. dyas, dyadis, the number two. Gr. : cf. F. dyade. See two, and cf. Duad.]


Two units treated as one; a couple; a pair.

2. Chem.

An element, atom, or radical having a valence or combining power of two.


© Webster 1913.

Dy"ad, a. Chem.

Having a valence or combining power of two; capable of being substituted for, combined with, or replaced by, two atoms of hydrogen; as, oxygen and calcium are dyad elements. See Valence.


© Webster 1913.

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