Legendary Commodore 64 demo.

Dutch Breeze by Blackmail was originally announced in 1989, but was continously delayed, until it has finally been released in 1991. It was a huge success, and still is one of the best demos ever made on this machine.

It featured incredible graphics by Hein Holt (aka Hein Design) and Orc, and stunning SID music by Reyn Ouwehand and Jeroen Tel.

This demo basically marks the end of the old-school C64 demos, and is an excellent example of the possibilites of the C64s graphics hardware. All of the effects in this demo are using tricks of the VIC II (the graphics chip of the C64). Unlike the PC-influenced demos that came out later, which use complicated calculations to create 3D graphics, Dutch Breeze relies on 2D effects, in the good old tradition of C64 demos.

One special treat in this demo was the "Soft and Wet" part, where a picture of a beautiful woman getting busy on herself was shown. To advance to the next and final part of the demo, the user was required to finger her pussy. This was achieved by wetting a finger, and rubbing it against the joystick port 1 of the Commodore. The program used the ADC converters to measure the resistance between two pins of the joystick port and show an appropriate animation on the screen. After the girl has had her orgasm, the demo continued...

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