This is a fentanyl patch that lats around seventy-two hours. The patch is oblong or oval, about an inch on each side, and having, at least for the 25mcg per hour dosing, "fentanyl" pwritten[ in bright red ink on it.The patch is used to provide long-lasting analgesia for cancer pain, cronic pain i.e from broken bones that don't heal, etc. The patch comes in the following strengths:
12mcg/hr, 25mcg/hr 50mcg/hr, 75mcg/hr and 100mcg/hr. It is classified as an opioid, so look under those categories for the relevant information.
To apply a Duragesic patch, follow these steps. Please note, this will be given without sighted relevant instructions. I appologise, but I will have to assume that the instructions are almost identical for sighted folks.

1) wash the proposed sight with clear water, nothing else. Pat dry with a towel.
2) feel the pouch that the patch comes in. Make sure that you do not cut the patch. The variety of patch I use is not the jell sealed between layers, it's the medicine is in the adhesive, so I'm assuming it's a generic.
3) cut straight across the opposite end of the patch pouch with a pair of scissors. Or, if you have the hand strength tear it. I don't, so I use scissors.
4) Remove the patch from the pouch. Place the scissors and empty pouch on the counter, table, etc, and carefully peel off the backing of the patch. To make sure you don't mangle the patch itself, carefully slip a fingernail under one edge on the same side of the corner that you are starting to peel from, and peel it toward the opposite corner, say, top left to bottom right.
5) apply the patch and firmly hold in place with your palm or fingers for thirty seconds. If the patch starts to try and come off, use medical tape to hold it in place.

When you are done using the patch, you must dispose of it properly. According to my package insert, you must:
1) Remove the patch and fold it in half, sticky sides together.
2) Flush it down the toilet, as it still may contain some medication.
The pouch and backing may be tossed into the regular trash.
Remember to always store your meds in a safe place, locked up and where no one can find them and take them accidentally or on purpose, as this drug is highly addictive.

Side effects
The side effects of these patches are a little more severe, at least for me, if combined with a muscle relaxant, which, for my -indication], it is, and has to be. So, the side effects I've seen are:
falling asleep standing up. Yes, standing up. I've collapsed into the floor, chair, etc, sound asleep.
Contstant want for sleep. Also noticed if you apply external heat sources to the patch, such as a heating pad, or place it where it will be warmed from your body heat, such as the upper back.
Hallucinations. Noticed if I place it over my pain, your doctor may give you another medicine to use when the pain comes through. This may be a solid formulation of Fentanyl pcitrate on a stick, much like a psucker] called Actik, or another medicine, such as Dilaudid (hydromorphone], as I use.
Note: do not place more than one patch on your body unless told to by your doctor. Some physicians place, say, a 100mcg patch and a 50mcg patch to attain a higher dosing than a single patch can provide. However, do not self-dose with this med. Seriously.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to msg me. I am not a doctor, but I can answer questions about my own experience. Ask your doctor if you're in any doubt about your treatment.

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