A member of the Heroes of Lallor.

Ord Quelu is the real name of Duplicate Boy. Ord was born to parents who were caught in the radiation of an atomic accident that destroyed the continent of Antillar on their home planet of Lallor. Ord was born with the ability to duplicate the powers of any super-powered person. Calling himself Duplicate Boy, Ord and four other youth with extra-ordinary powers, formed the Heroes of Lallor. Ord and the other Heroes of Lallor used their abilities to protect their home and occassionally the rest of the galaxy. The Heroes of Lallor came to the aid of the Legion of Super-Heroes on a number of occassions.

Duplicate Boy is potentially the most powerful hero in the universe. Unfortunately, Duplicate Boy is not very imaginative with his abilities and, therefore, does not take full advantage of them.

Duplicate Boy was the fiance of Shrinking Violet for a time, but after her kidnapping at the hands of Imskin rebels, she broke of the engagement.

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