Belgian comic strip artist. A brilliant scholar until he discovered comic strips in 1963 and entered the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts. Born on February 12, 1945.

Drew settings as an assistant on the production of comics Fifi, Fleurette, Luc Junior, Tootsy and Achille Talon until he was asked to create a new character for Tintin Magazine in 1968. The character was a big hairy ball with paws which became Cubitus, Dupas most famous creation.

Other comics from Dupa include Chlorophylle and Minimum which he took over from Raymond Macherot in 1971 and drew for 5 years. Created Niky the truck-driver in 1980 and got three albums published by Le Lombard.

Dupa, in polish, means ASS. So anyone bearing this name is doomed to be laughed upon when visiting Poland.

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