Dunn Hall is a dorm on the southside of campus at Texas A&M. It's part of the Commons facility and is the other all male dorm besides Aston Hall in the Commons facility. It is one of the second most expensive dorms, the most being the modular dorms.

Dunn consists of 4 stories of 4 halls each. Each floor is shaped like a square with rooms on the outside and the inside of the square. Each room houses 2 people where you share a bathroom with the room next to you.

It's a pretty nice dorm room, has lots of room and no bunk beds. In Dunn the usual traditions of Texas A&M are a little more laid back. For example if I said a senior word like dead or elephant I wouldn’t have to do pushups. It is fairly more quite than Northside dorms, and the social interaction between people is probably less than other dorms at Texas A&M.

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