A cartridge game for the Commodore 64 computer released in 1984 by CBS Electronics. The object was to maneuver a little boat up and down the canals of a grid of houses and catch the ducks as they jump off the pier. Two ducks could fit in the boat at one time. The boat must then take the ducks to the shore, where when twenty ducks gather they sing a cheerful tune.

Of course, this being a video game there is a hazard to avoid, namely the hippo. The hippo lurks up and down the canals underwater (visible only by his air bubbles) and will tip over the boat and eat the ducks if you bump into him. Naturally boats are limited, and losing them all results in Game Over.

Later levels saw the houses among the canals becoming more complex, with some sporting bridges and fountains for the ducks to wander around, thus confusing the player as to exactly where and when the ducks will jump.

This is one of those games that has to be seen to be understood adequately. Check out the screenshots at http://www.lemon64.com/?mainurl=http%3A//www.lemon64.com/games/details.php%3FID%3D791.

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