Side character from the 1996 Comedy RPG "Canada:Population 6"

Name: Ducheval
Class: Fake Priest
Level: Averaged party's current level

Max Hp: 350 (out of 500)
Max MP: 300 (out of 500)
Attack: Medium
Defense: High
Mind: High
Agility: High

Initial Equiptment-
Weapon: Umbrella
Armor: Priest Uniform
Shield/Weapon 2: Buckler
Helmet: Stiff Hood
Special: Tim's Bible

Physical: Clothed in a blue and white robe, he travels with his fellow fake priests Cesserdote and Tetzel. Ducheval is the leader, and also the most physically strong. He has a long forelock and a scar over his nose, commemorating a bite from a heathen coyote.

Ducheval is the most experienced, and while outwardly cool and ruthless, he has a short patience and when bored strikes dramatic poses.

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