Main character of the 1996 RPG "Canada: Population 6"

Starting Level: 1

Max HP: 200 (out of 500 possible)
Max MP: 500 (out of 500 possible)
Attack: Low
Defense: High/Medium
Mind: High/High
Agility: Medium/Low

Initial Equiptment-
Weapon: Brown Shoe/Uber Stick
Armor: Breastplate
Shield/Weapon 2: Brass Cufflinks/ Science Teacher Engine
Helmet: Free Hat/ Proud Bucket
Special Item: Taped Eyeglasses/ AA Batteries

Battle Strut: increase Evade
I'a Ramen Noodle: Doubles effectiveness for healing potions
Fugue: MP Cost halved

Physical Description: As the heir to the Helmholz Duchy, Czathomir Volosky is required to wear his school uniform, similar but less fashionable to Caustic's. This school uniform is much like typical Japanese boys' school uniforms; consisting of several layers, many of them dark in color, summers are a living hell for the poor Duke to be. He wears a broad rimmed hat to conceal his horrendous and painful carbuncle, and wears specs to make himself look smart. He is rather short for his age, standing 2"4' at the age of 18. However, he is very tall for a rabbit or a groundhog, which is a small consolation. As the Archyduke, he wears a blue cape over well polished steel iron, and controls his mighty suit from a bucket like cockpit. An engine on his shoulder provides power, as well as protection.

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